Ice Music

Terje Isungset is a Norwegian musician and percussionist who primarily plays intruments made from ice. He has a blog but his record label website has a bit more information about instruments: “The instruments are made from top quality ice. It must be free of any air bubbles. The instruments are carved using saws and knives. So far these instruments have been created and recorded: Iceofon, Ice Harp, Ice Horn, Ice trumpet, Ice percussion, Ice bass drum carved from one block of ice. In addition, all stands, supports and tables are also made from ice. Only the bass drum pedal, fish line for suspension, and the strings on the Ice Harp are made from materials other than pure frozen water.”

Hmmm wonder how long it takes to defrost the mics after the recording session?

Artist Peter Wasilewski also works with ice as his primary medium, although he is primarily a visual artists; Wasilewski uses “only ice, the laws of physics, and attitude” to create his colorful images.

So of course it makes sense the two would collaborate and this video is a beautiful example of both of their work…

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