My First Avocado

As winter starts to kick in I imagine my garden slowly winds down activity, but I went for a wander just now & one of the three avocado trees I moved outdoors last year has its first fruit!

Weirdly it’s the middle sized avocado tree. The smallest one is struggling a bit, while the largest one has been growing lots & looks very healthy without producing any fruit… So maybe next Summer it might start producing, but I am stoked to see the first avocado! I was surprised to learn avocados do not ripen on the tree – you have to pick them & only then do they ripen.

The chillies are still doing well despite the temperature being cooler… although they are all in the greenhouse so a bit warmer there, and I am going to do everything I can to keep them alive through winter… for a big crop next Summer

This chilli bush is looking good but it only produces tiny chillies, as small as the finger nail on your little finger… For scale you can see some below drying, beside normal size chilli:

The dried ones sound so good in this metal tray – crispy dry!



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