My morning ritual: transferring data off four devices.
First to the laptop, then cloning to two external drives….

Alofaaga Blowholes, Taga Village – I was looking forward to recording these and I sure wasn’t disappointed! I timed it right for the tides: when a decent wave came in the main blow hole would send a jet of water 25m up to into the air! On the first few surges sound ramped from barely audible to red lighting in an instant! A few tweaks and I rolled for another 20minutes, shooting video some of the time… And even though I was standing well back I still got a few adrenaline surges at the sheer power of some of the waves – I was ready to grab my kit and run if one broke right over… so thats another vid I’ll upload when I’ve been home long enough to sync it up!

Stayed in Asau for the night


Shooting bulb exposures at dusk/night…

Hunting geckos!

and later…

After data transfer this morning I checked total data so far: 137GB!

“Echo locating birds” was all I needed to know to add this to my list of stops on Savaii

This photo is of the entrance to the cave referred to in the sign – its well developed with steps & electric light, but by the time we got in there & heard some Swiftlets they all flew past us & the cave was quiet. So the guy who was the guide there took me to another cave, 10 minutes through bush with no discernable track, then into a cave entrance small enough that I had to take my backpack off… It opened into a big long cave, so I set up my mics with one pair facing deep into the cave and the stereo mic pointing in the direction of the entrance. My guide went way further down the cave, so far his torch light couldn’t be seen…. Five minutes later and I heard the clicking of an approaching Swiftlet – its clicks accelerating and decelerating, then dopplering right past my mics!! I recorded for another ten minutes, just totally amazed at this beautiful sound. As I understand it bats use ultrasonic sound to locate themselves but these birds were audibly clicking, like little geiger counters – I’ll upload some to soundcloud so you can hear them, I can’t wait to hear the quad dopplers in my studio! One of those moments I’ll never forget – my guide said I was the first tourist to ever go to that cave….

Goodbye Savaii…


  1. Colton Rybus

    Wow, That looks like such an amazing trip and opportunity. Beautiful pictures. I’m sure the sound is even better. I am very envious. Can’t wait to hear some stuff on soundcloud!

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