Sound for The Orator

I updated some of my field recording videos with footage from mixing at Park Road Post, check it out:

And it is such great news: The Orator/O Le Tulafale is to screen in competition at the Venice Film Festival, which is a truly awesome achievement! Congratulations to everyone involved!!!

Here’s links to previous posts on our work on the film, looking forward to attending the premiere in Apia on October 1st!

– First set of photos from my first recording trip, February 2011
– Second set of photos from trip to Savai’i
– Third set of photos from time spent at Tufutafoe, Falealupo Peninsula, Savaii
– Fourth set of photos from Savai’i
– Video of dawn timelapse shot at Lucias Lagoon, Savai’i
– Video of recording at the beautiful beach at Saleapaga
– A debrief from first record trip to Samoa (for sound recordists!)
– Video of the Alofaaga Blow Holes, Taga, Savi’i
– Recording geckos at night, Savai’i
– My cutup video/beatbox of coconut husking at Manunu Village
– Recording rain in Samoa
– Field recording trip to Samoa 2, May 2011
– Recording Flying Foxes in Savai’i
– a 360 degree Quicktime VR from Tufutaafoe, Falealupo Peninsula, Savai’i

Ah what a beautiful country – can’t wait to go back!

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